Mammoth Lakes Resort Run – August 28-31, 2015

Diablo Valley Corvette Club (DVC) is dedicated to promoting comradeship among those who take pride in owning and maintaining their Corvette(s) by participating in various Corvette related events in the San Francisco Bay area.   

DVC is  based in Concord, California, but our members come from as  far away as Sutherlin, Oregon, Cloverdale, Petaluma and Lodi. Our members own Corvettes ranging from 1956 to 2015.

Election of Board Officers for 2016

At the September 13th general meeting there were no new nominations for 2016 board positions and nominations are now closed.  The final candidates will be presented at the October 4th general meeting and voting will take place at the general meeting, November 1, 2015.

If you cannot be present at the November general meeting, you may request an absentee ballot for the three contested seats from Bill Anspach by October 17th.  Your completed ballot must be returned in person or by mail to Bill Anspach prior to the November general meeting.  

We thank the following members who have been nominated and are willing to give of their time to help our club continue to be successful in the coming year. 

The following executive board positions have a two year term:

o   Vice President: 

·        Tim Cipriani

·        Bill Landis

o   Treasurer: 

·        Gary Mortimore


The following board positions have a one year term:

o   Activities:

·        Jerry Kougel

o   Membership:

·        Marlene Kinney

o   Public Relations:

·        Barbara North

o   Sergeant at Arms: 

·        David Kreutzinger

·        Tony Angell

o   Member at Large:

·        Frank Bethany

·        Jim Loveless 


The following board positions still have one year remaining on their term and are not open for election:

o   President: [Executive]

·        Carl Carey

o   Secretary: [Executive]

·        Lori Thompson

o   Web Master: [Board]

·        Bob Raker